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wedding floral background with place for text

70563658 Video

Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer animated

70563589 Video

Global Ecology

70556195 Video

a summer vacation through the alps

70554113 Video

Pirate Ship Sailing 2

70551865 Video

Colored bell peppers

70543338 Video

Aerial of Dirt Bikes Ramping

70525474 Video

Ripe maize on the cob in cultivated agricultural corn field

70517491 Video

Behind the Staffroom Door

70516717 Video

Family of three waving with hands from the sea

70510255 Video

greeting new year 2015 blue. last 10 seconds are loop

70509752 Video

Decorating the Christmas tree

70508580 Video

Random Numbers White Zooming

70506046 Video

Around the Earth's axis, Line. Time Lapse. UltraHD (4K)

70499372 Video

Concerned businessman waiting in front of the office building.

70496834 Video

Happy   woman holding  condom in bed

70496803 Video

4K VID - Here Comes The New Year 2015 - Blue - ray-traced

70493556 Video

DIY - Do It Yourself

70492877 Video

Face of cute girl in sunglasses on the beach

70489209 Video

Beautiful sunset and rays through the clouds

70483040 Video

 mountain landscape. nature.  fog clouds.

70483033 Video

Spermium schwimmt zur Eizelle

70482627 Video

baby boy with mummy - close up.FULL HD

70481009 Video

UFO flying over a modern city

70476303 Video

rifle bullets in shape of united sates of america

70472695 Video

Arrow jumping over hurdles

70455985 Video

TL - Mannheimer Wasserturm in motion

70436807 Video

A variety of waterbirds gathered at a pond

70435345 Video