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Black woman singing a song on stage at the microphone.

73953387 Video

Young, handsome businessman sitting with smartphone on the bench

73731759 Video

Young happy man drinking coffee in cafe in the city

71675218 Video

Young man with modern smartphone on a train

73980591 Video

Young man with smartphone looking for direction in forest

73747690 Video

Young, handsome man sitting with smartphone at train station

73289174 Video

Young, attractive man jogging in city park

73288486 Video

HD - Cruise ship near the bridge

69347887 Video

Tower Bridge in London, UK, time lapse

62814992 Video

Panning timelapse of Sydney Harbor

73192397 Video

новогодняя ель

58106827 Video

Bonne Année 2015 mots multicolore tag cloud video

73826671 Video

Bonne Année 2015 voeux nuage de mots animation

70191844 Video

Santa Dances with Headphones and Music Notes

54026500 Video

frohe weihnachten wünscht

17748592 Video

Christmas greeting card, snowman in winter forest

73345484 Video

Santa Claus light on Christmas trees with glitter

74451401 Video

Christmas background, snowman winter landscape

73345393 Video

Magic light swirling around christmas tree with greeting

72729389 Video

Blue light forming christmas tree design with greeting

72729348 Video

Time For Presents

58744199 Video

Abstract Background with Light Lines and Snowflakes.

73788350 Video

Growing New Year tree with falling snowflakes and stars

73785803 Video

Snow falling animation on light blue gradient background

71723363 Video

メリークリスマス! サンタからの贈り物A

67896746 Video

Rentierschlitten über weihnachtlicher Landschaft mit Christbaum

57306225 Video

Montage of Multi Ethnic Business People

46974787 Video

Santa flies over moon and woke up the village

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